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Following is a sampling, by topic, of Clark University faculty and administrators – leading experts in their fields—who serve as experienced and articulate resources on timely topics for journalists in several media.

联系十大平台网赌的这些专家和其他专家, 联系媒体关系办公室, at 1-508-793-7554; 1-508-365-8736. 我们也将帮助找到相关的学生和行政资源. A complete faculty directory is also available.


Valerie Sperling, author of Sex, Politics, & 普京:俄罗斯的政治合法性 -全球化和问责制, social movements, gender politics, patriotism and militarism, 以及后共产主义地区的国家建设. Recent coverage: 为什么普京和他的一些女粉丝会赤膊上阵 (Huffington Post)

Political scientist Robert Boatright — American political behavior, political parties, campaigns and elections, interest groups, political participation, and political theory. Editor: “The Deregulatory Moment? 变化中的竞选财务法的比较视角(密歇根大学出版社),著有《Interest Groups and Campaign Finance Reform in the United States and Canada(密歇根大学出版社). Recent: 布鲁金斯学会小组/中期选举

Michael J. Butler, associate professor of political science — Expertise in security studies and policy (national, international, and human security). 近期活动:提出“新的十年,新的困境”? The National Security Implications of COVID-19” at the Worcester World Affairs Council, March 10, 2020. Author of “重新审视证券化:当代应用和见解(Routledge 2019) ClarkNow.

Political scientist Heather Silber Mohamed – Latino politics, 移民社会化与参与, immigration policy, and identity politics in the U.S.,重点关注种族、阶级和性别的影响. Recent coverage: 拉美裔在2016年的竞选中被视为“沉睡的巨人” (Providence Journal)



Nathan Ahlgren, professor of biology (microbial ecologist) expertise in viruses, created COVID-19 data plots for Worcester, Mass.  Featured in “Nathan Ahlgren creates tangible impact in fight against COVID-19; Biology professor 3D-prints face shields for health care workers” (ClarkNow), Nathan Ahlgren教授制作面罩.


John C. Brown, professor of economics


Holly Dolan, Professor of Practice, Adam Institute for Urban Education and School Practice. Quoted in “专家表示,政府关门可能会对学校和学生产生持久影响” (Worcester Telegram & Gazette)

Feminist writer

Cynthia Enloe, research professor in the 可持续发展和社会正义(前IDCE)司 and affiliate faculty in the Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies departments. Author of “COVID-19: ‘Waging War’ Against a Virus is NOT What We Need to Be Doing” and “COVID-19:把剑变成呼吸机? 或者是呼吸机变成剑?(国际妇女和平联盟 & Freedom)

Film, movies (future of)

Soren Sorensen, lecturer in screen studies in the Visual and Performing Arts Department

Generations (Emerging Adults, Established Adults, Reimagining Adulthood)

Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, senior research scholar. Quoted in “冠状病毒让人们错过了一生一次的时刻。” (Yahoo! Finance) and “Young people told to stay at home amid coronavirus, but where is home?” (The Washington Post).

Management, remote work

Laura Graves十大网赌平台管理学教授 School of Management.  Quoted in “Working from home – strategies for success” (Worcester Business Journal) and “掌握远程工作的4个关键” (


Michael Addis他是心理学教授,也是该中心的主任 男性幸福研究小组. Author of “《看不见的男人:男人的内心世界和沉默的后果.”  Quoted in “男性的焦虑看起来不一样” (Wall Street Journal), interviewed for “Understanding How Anxiety Might Be Different For Men” On Point (WBUR).


Nadia Ward, M.Ed, Ph.D., director of the 莫萨科夫斯基公共企业研究所


Wendy Grolnick, professor of psychology, parenting during a pandemic, 儿童和青少年的动机发展. Author, “Pressured Parents, Stressed-out Kids: Dealing With Competition While Raising a Successful Child” – Recent coverage: “5 ways for parents to motivate their kids and avoid tantrums at home during the coronavirus, 根据一位育儿专家的说法” (Yahoo! News)

Psychology (developmental)

Nancy Budwig, professor, Frances L. Hiatt School of Psychology. 在发展和学习科学方面的专业知识, liberal education, 在线教学时代的参与式学习. – Recent coverage “大学努力满足更多实践教育的需求” (高等教育纪事)和 《为什么创新激励不起作用》 (In a Special Report, 《十大网赌平台》,(高等教育纪事).

Ana Marcelo, assistant professor, Frances L. Hiatt School of Psychology. Quoted in “‘Are the germs gone?’ How to talk to young children about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic(马萨诸塞州阿特尔伯勒《十大平台网赌》.)


Gino DiIorio, professor of theatre


Ora Szekely – Non-state military actors, the politics of the Middle East, 大规模暴力和平民保护, new media, propaganda, and political mobilization. Recent coverage: 叙利亚政权的非国家盟友下一步该怎么办? (Washington Post)

Douglas Little ——美国外交史.S. 与中东的关系,美国.S. response to radical Islam between the 1967 Six Day War and the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Recent Coverage: 帝国-叙利亚和美国:沉默的同谋 (Al Jazeera English)

Anita Häusermann Fábos — Refugees and forced migrants, especially refugees in urban areas in the Middle East and Africa; population displacement and mobility; gender, diaspora, and citizenship; anthropology of ethnicity and race; transnational Islam; Arab League states’ immigration and naturalisation policies; music and migration; Muslim Arab Sudanese diaspora. Recent coverage: 如何建设一个完美的难民营 (New York Times)

Wildfires, drought

Christopher Williams — Drought, terrestrial ecosystem ecology, ecosystem-climate interactions, global environmental change; energy-water-carbon exchanges. Recent coverage: Hundred-Year Forecast: Drought (New York Times); Mega-Droughts In Our Future (NPR On Point)

Dominik Kulakowski — Bark beetle outbreaks, disturbance ecology, landscape change, mountain forest ecosystems. Recent coverage: Powerhouse wildfire north of L.A. 预示着一个更长的火灾季节(Christian Science Monitor)

John Rogan — Geographer specializing in landscape ecology, fire ecology, optical remote sensing and GIScience. Recent coverage: Trees under multiple threats Worcester Telegram (Opinion)

Latin American politics

Paul Posner, associate professor and director of Latin American and Latinx Studies. Expertise in labor politics, 社会福利资源分配的政治学, 拉丁美洲的新左派和民粹主义, with specific focus on Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Current research focuses on democratization and political participation in Latin America. 他教授拉丁美洲政治课程.S.-Latin American relations, comparative environmental politics, and democratic theory. Recent coverage: Chile’s political crisis is another brutal legacy of long-dead dictator Pinochet

International security, power politics, European Union/Brexit, North Korea

Michael Butler, associate professor. Expertise in international security (not only traditional ‘guns and bombs’ and power politics), negotiation and mediation (conflict management and resolution in general), humanitarian crisis, terrorism, climate change, foreign policy (U.S. 和欧洲事务,朝鲜. Recent coverage: Trump’s North Korea policy shakes up South Korea’s ideological politics


Jeffrey Arnett, developer of the theory of emerging adulthood (on development from age 18–29) — Media uses in adolescence; responses to cigarette advertising. Author: “Getting to 30: A Parent’s Guide to the Twentysomething Years” (Workman Publishing 2014); “When Will My Grown-Up Kid Grow Up?” (May 2013). Director, 十大网赌平台新成人调查. Recent coverage: 官方消息:回巢族不会离开 (New York Times); 千禧一代:自我自我的一代 (Time Magazine); What Is It About 20-Somethings? (New York Times); When do you become a grown-up? (The Today Show)


J. Ronald Eastman -地理信息系统, remote sensing, and cartography; director, Clark Labs; Earth Modeling blog. 最近报道:绘制地球健康图表(波士顿环球报)

Karen Frey – Permafrost thaw on river biogeochemistry; impacts of sea ice variability; co-PI of The Polaris Project, and NASA ICESCAPE mission. Recent coverage: NOVA:在白令海的薄冰上 (WGBH TV)

William S. Lynn -研究伦理和公共政策的科学家, 强调环境话语, human-animal relations, and participatory governance. Recent coverage: 澳大利亚对野猫的战争:摇摇欲坠的科学,缺失的伦理 (The Conversation); 研究杀害横斑猫头鹰的伦理意义 (Oregon Public Broadcasting); 一个道德困境:杀死一个物种来拯救另一个物种是可以的吗? (Yakima Herald)

Holocaust and Genocide

Thomas Kühne — Holocaust history; the relation of war, genocide, and society with long-term traditions of political culture of Central Europe; the problem of locating the Holocaust and Nazi Germany in the social and cultural history of the 20th century. 斯特拉斯勒大屠杀和种族灭绝研究中心主任. Author of “归属与种族灭绝:希特勒的共同体1918-1945” (Yale University Press)


Abbie Goldberg – Gay/lesbian parenting; adoption; the transition to parenthood; work-family issues; family diversity; gender. Author: “Lesbian and gay parents and their children: Research on the family life cycle.” Recent coverage: Beyond Dolls vs. Trucks: How Children of Same-Sex Parents May Be Less Constrained By Gender Stereotypes, and Why It Matters (Huffington Post); 我们现在的生活方式——同性恋父母教给我们的 (New York Times Magazine)

Wendy Grolnick -儿童和青少年的动机发展. Author: “Pressured Parents, Stressed-out Kids: Dealing With Competition While Raising a Successful Child” – Recent coverage: 对父母来说,青少年体育是“体育军备竞赛” (Huffington Post), 溺爱、竞争和共同核心 (Huffington Post)


James Córdova -夫妻和家庭研究中心主任. Author: “The Marriage Checkup: A Scientific Program for Sustaining and Strengthening Marital Health” and “The Marriage Checkup Practitioner’s Guide: Promoting Lifelong Relationship Health.”- Recent coverage: 我是Fredricka Whitfield“绩效评估可能对你的婚姻有益” (Wall Street Journal)

Deborah Merrill – research focuses on relationships between parents and adult children in later life as well as marriage, 精通婆媳关系, caregiving. Author: “When Your Children Marry: How Marriage Changes Relationships with Adult Children和《十大平台网赌》(Newsblaze).com). Recent coverage: 十大平台网赌教授探索父母与同性恋姻亲的关系 (Worcester Telegram)


David Hibbett — Evolutionary biology/ecology of mushroom-forming fungi and relatives; uses of phylogenetic trees for studying the evolution of morphological and ecological characters. Recent coverage: ‘Death Angel’ Mushrooms Poison Mother, Son (WCVB-TV CH5 Boston)


Arshad Kudrolli — A broad range of non-equilibrium phenomena, granular materials, and biological physics. 活性物质:最近报道: What Holds the World Together? The Cheerios Effect (Fox News)

Charles Agosta — low-temperature experimentalist working in lower-dimensional materials in very high magnetic fields. Agosta and his students developed a pulsed magnetic field lab where experiments are performed in the highest magnetic fields available at any U.S. university. Agosta, MachFlow Energy Inc .首席执行官.从能源部获得了100万美元的资助. Recent coverage: 十大平台网赌商业获得100万美元刺激 (Worcester Telegram)

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